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Globalization is a supernova force carrying away an entire human language every two weeks and killing off an entire species every few minutes.                


Where is the outrage ? 

Truth. Has anyone asked you recently to think about the recent extinction of the 6,500 year old Bo culture of Southeast Asia? The Spotted Owl? 

Of course, Owls are cute and the term traditional culture is probably as exciting to most people as stamp collecting. Endangered Coast believes we can help change that view. In fact – we must!

Traditional cultures, like the former Bo tribe, are small communities dependent on their ecosystems for survival and are therefore sitting ducks to the negative effects of globalization. When the habitat of these communities disintegrates the community starts to disperse and their culture slowly dies.

So what?  This is scary on multiple levels but the most frightening is this: Traditional cultures are often located in areas where the vast majority of the world’s genetic resources are found. In fact, 75% of all anti-cancer medications currently on the market are derived from these ecosystems.

Look, most people cannot even name 10 native plants but can easily identify 100 different types of company logos. Scientists too have only studied 20% of all plant life.

In contrast traditional cultures know 100% of their environment. Every plant every animal every stone. Somewhere the cure for cancer is about to be bulldozed under to make way for a road, fish farm or a summer beach house. Crises? You betcha!

Public activism is the most powerful force of change. We try to introduce you to communities that need our help. Donate now and help tell their story. Raise their profile. Give them a voice against the tsunami force of globalization. It is in our best interest to do so.


Paul Lima


Endangered Coast's Manifesto

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