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local Culture.

  • Reef  ​Forest  Mangrove  ​Sand Dune
  • Raft Men
  • Black Magic
  • Sailing Raft

A diverse group of


have lived on Brazil's rural northeastern coast for over four Centuries.

The new global market has not been kind to them.


What policy makers and corporations hope  is that no one is watching - but we are.

Since 1997 Endangered Coast has been on the ground documenting and raising awareness. 

​You want a piece of this?

A rhetorical question poor fishermen will probably never get to ask a multinational company. Despite the fact they are making large profits here. What they offer in return, with few exceptions, are short term benefits in exchange for decades of environmental and social ills. 

 Today with their culture evaporating and environmental problems rising Brazil's artisan fishermen need the world to take notice.


  • ​area Biomes
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