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 Endangered Coast is a non profit organization fostering the idea that indigenous and local communities can help save the world.

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1997 - forever / Endangered Coast P.O. Box 1239 NYC 10009 USA / tel: 212-714-8096 / Endangered Coast is a 501 (C) (3) / Made in NYC




Traditional societies throughout the world sit on the "frontlines" of globalization's expansion; they occupy the last pristine places on earth, where resources are still abundant:forests, minerals, water, and genetic diversity. All are ferociously sought by global corporations, pressuring traditional societies to relocate. 



What we lose:  
  •  70% of all cancer medications were developed using traditional knowledge and plants.
  •  Environmental destruction and the relocation of traditional people from the area is not coinsidental.  ​

The impact of globalization is strongest on these populations perhaps more than any other because these communities have no voice ​and are therefore easily swept aside by the invisible hand of the market. ​Globalization is not merely a question of marginalization for indigenous peoples it is a multi-pronged attack on the very foundation of their existence and livelihoods. 

poor are affected
adversely by the reaches of globalization. One third are artisan fishermen.




By 2050 90% of the worlds cultural diversity will be dead.

Currently every 14 days

1 culture/language dies caused in part by the homogenization effect of globalization.

Help Support: Economic development that does not destroy the environment. Policies that recognize the important of traditional societies. Our Efforts that, since 1997, have been telling the world their story.

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